As the name “evolutionary theory” suggests, it is a theory. However, it was and is taught to us at school as the only possible one. Scientists believe and claim that the universe and everything we see on Earth today were created over millions of years. At the beginning there was the so-called big bang. A huge random explosion from which time, space and room have emerged. This theory raises questions. Who or what triggered the big bang? Where did gases or dead matter come from that appeared to be there? If there were only gases and dead matter, how could a living cell emerge from it and in turn “by accident” and mutation, animals, plants and then a thinking intelligent being like a human?

I recently saw the movie “Genesis” (link below) where several scientists say that according to their research, the version of the Bible describing the formation of the earth by a purposeful energy we call God, seems a much more plausible scenario. One of the scientists said that if someone doesn’t believe in God, that person has to believe in many more miracles and incredible things to assume that the world was created by evolution. Because dead matter and gases cannot come to life. If bacteria or the like were already there at the time, they had still to be created  somehow? In addition, the probability that something like our world arises from random processes is negligible.

And yet, for many people, it seems to make more sense that all of this is possible if you just wait long enough and write an incredibly high number of years – like trillions of years in the textbooks – instead of believing that God, a supernatural energy, is the trigger of everything. Look at night in the sky, observe the stars and the incredible size of the universe, further, all the plants and animals on this planet, from the tiny louse that has a heart and a digestion system to the elephant. All by coincidence, without any purpose? I cannot really believe that. According to the bible God expanded the universe around the earth like a tent (Psalm 104: 2). This and other statements are confirmed by science thousands of years later – the universe is expanding. Our God that is worth worshipping is almighty – he can do everything in 6 days or less.

This means the evolutionary theory is not the only one. According to some researchers the earth is much younger than anticipated. According to the Bible, there was a huge catastrophe after the creation of the earth: the flood. Only the righteous Noah, got warned by God and took his his sons and daughters, their wives and husbands as well as all animals and plants.  The scientist Walt Brown has researched these and through his hydroplate theory he provides evidence and explanations as well as traces that indicate the consequences of this flood.

Walt Brown wrote a book that is available online for free and there are videos that illustrate his explanations of the flood. To put it briefly: Walt Brown explains that there used to be one big continent on Earth. Huge chambers of salt water were locked up under this continent. The moon, tides and heat accumulated gigantic pressure in these chambers for many years, so that one day they exploded. The underground water escaped and these explosions also hurled rocks into space. The Bible says: “on that day all the springs of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the heavens were opened. And rain fell on the earth forty days and forty nights.” (Moses 7: 11-12).

This also triggered tremendous earth movements. The great super continent was torn apart by the explosions and the continents, mountains and everything we know today came into being during this time. Walt Brown provides plenty of evidence and explanations for this theory. E.g. there are also large underground salt water chambers and salt lakes under the Alps in Salzburg, e.g. Bad Reichenhall and on other places on earth. Meteorites that hit Earth have been shown to contain salt water that could only come from Earth.

Like the theory of evolution, it’s a theory as well – none of us has been there. And yet, in my eyes, it is just as likely – well, in my view, even a bit more likely, than the theory of evolution.

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