This page answers questions about Christianity and God. I am a seeker and researching questions I am asking myself and hope others find them helpful as well. Click on “Thoughts” to learn about my research.

The Italian mystic Maria Valtorta had the grace to receive detailed insights into the life of Jesus. When you click on “Valtorta”, I give an overview of her and refer to her writings. Throughout the entire page, I comment on some of the topics and stories that she witnessed and thoughts on topics that are highlighted.

As we read in the Bible, God is Love. Click on LOVE to learn more about that. We build connection to God through prayer. Thus click on PRAY to understand how to best get this connection to God started and going. Ultimately, Christians aspire to rise to the promised eternal life after our death. Click on RISE to read more about my research in that area.

I wish LOVE for yourself and those close to you. I PRAY that the words on this homepage touch your heart and support your growth, and I hope that we both eventually RISE to the promised eternal life.

Take care and enjoy, Adi