In her books Maria Valtora describes her observations in great detail.

According to the FONDAZIONE EREDE di MARIA VALTORTA ONLUS, which manages Maria Valtorta’s writings, Maria Valtorta did not want these to be summarized. I fully understand this argument. Summaries may skip important messages or bring events out of context and thus lead to misunderstandings. However to provide easier access to this lengthy material, I want to provide a fact-based overview. The following tables provide insights of what’s discussed in each chapter of the book. Additionally you can more easily select specific sections for reading. Nevertheless, I recommend reading the entire work as it is very informative and helpful. It allows us to better understand the gospel and the general context of certain events that Jesus was experiencing.

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Chapter en
(it Original)
Date of the VisionTitlePersons presentPersons non-present
(but named)
PlacePlace (named)time of the dayJesus speaks directly to M. Valtortapainting available in the original version?Key topics
1 (I,1)22.08.44IntroductionJesusMaria, God, Eve///Yes, only/purity, holiness
2 (I,2)22.08.44Joachim and Anne Make a Vow to the LordAnne (50-55 years), Joachim, Alphaeus (5 years), mother of Alphaeus/Room, apartment Anne and Joachim/harvest time (apples and pigeons ripe), before feast of TabernaclesMaria (Our Lady) speaks directly, Valtorta makes comments about Old Anne and at the end of the visionyes (room Anne / Joachim)childless in old age, vows
3 (I, 3&4)23.08.44Anne, Praying in the Temple, Has Her Wish Fulfilled -

Joachim married God's wisdom, which was enclosed in the heart of the just woman
strange woman, Anne, Joachim, Alphaeus, JesusGod, Anne, Joachim, king David, Salomon, MariaJerusalem (outside the walls)/October evening / nightyes and Valtorta adds comments to her writing style as well as house in Nazareth where she saw Anne and Joachim Vs. later on/desires, dreams, virtue, chastity
4 (I, 5&6)24.08.44With a Canticle, Anne Announces that She Is a Mother

The immaculate was never God's remembrance bar
Anne, Joachim, JesusGod, Mary, Anne, angelHouse of Anne and JoachimJerusalemspring (fruit trees bloom)Yes/Mary conception, peace, blessings,
immaculate soul, love, grace
5 (I, 7&8)26.08.44Birth of the Virgin Mary

Her soul appears beautiful and immaculate, as the father invented it!
Anne, relative (that looks alike Anne), Joachim, workers, further relatives incl. mother of Alphaeus, godJocob (father), Tobiahs, Raphael, GodHouse Anne and JoachimJerusalem; Land Israel, Hermon hight, GehennaMidsummer (very hot and dry, harvest time), big stormYes/Peace, fate, without birth pangs, creation, Our Lady