Did you know that forgiveness can release inner blockages? A study with 20 participants found that forgiving activates a tripple amount of called alpha waves in our brain. This allows to resolve creativity and performance blocks.

However, forgiveness is not always easy: As a child I was very, very shy and in a class full of mainly high-confident kids, I was therefore not the most popular. For example, I fell one time in the classroom and instead of helping me, my comrades laughed at me. Nobody wanted to sit next to me and when the teacher allowed me to choose who should sit next to me, the chosen one complained loudly in front of everyone. There were a few more such incidents and it hurt.

Later, when I grew up and developed, my self-confidence increased and I made a lot of friends. At class reunions I had the choice, do I go and should I still be offended or not? I decided to go and at the same time “silently” forgive my former classmates for everything. They weren’t nice back then, but I was also very shy and probably acted weird in their eyes. Of course, as good citizens they shouldn’t have taken advantage of that or ridiculed it, but they were children and who’s perfect? In my mind I went through each individual that offended me back then. I imagined his / her face and said out loud “I forgive you everything”. It felt really good, my heart opened up. At the class reunion, it was fun and interesting to chat with them and find out what had become of them. Since I originally come from a small village, I am happy now every time I meet one of them and had some good conversations with them since. I actually think that those experiences make me stronger inside and helped my resilience muscle.

Holding on to an old grudge doesn’t help anyone. If I hadn’t forgiven, I would have harmed myself the most, and why? The others who may have done something against us are still living well, so we should do that too. Certainly there are worse crimes and injustices done to some of us, but who are we to judge over others? We know the background of our own offenses and therefore we may see them less badly than others perceive them.

“And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.” (Matthew 6:12). As we pray, God will forgive us only to the extent that we forgive others. Certainly we should take responsibility, fight for our rights, but not to the last resort. We should be able to let go, stretch out our hand and stomach things, even turn the other cheek if necessary. If we trust in God, then we can trust that God is the just judge and that in the end everyone gets what he or she deserves – no more and no less. Not everything is in our hands. God is greater, sees everything, knows motives and connections that we may not know. If we can’t trust in God, who else do we want to trust in?

In the Valtorta books there is another good statement from Jesus about forgiveness which contains everything important about the topic:

„The first essential condition to have God with us is to bear no ill-will and to forgive. The second condition is to admit that we, or those who belong to us, are sinners as well. We must not see only other people’s faults. The third condition is to remain grateful and faithful, after receiving grace, out of justice to the Eternal Father“. Jesus in Maria Valtorta „The poem of the mangod“, chapter 233 “Comment on Three Episodes Connected with the Conversion of Mary of Magdala”.

Thus let us forgive, whatever it may be – for the others, but also for ourselves and to heal our soul. We can do it!

Resource: Study on Alpha Waves with Forgiveness Meditation