With scientific advancements, we humans sometimes have the feeling that we already know everything. We can breed and mix our favourite fruits to create new types, we can look and travel into the universe, we can manipulate genes, create clones, and so on. We feel so much more advanced than those humans who thousands of years ago lived in caves and longed for a god or creator who, according to them, commanded the weather and all their fortunes or misfortunes. 

In our material world today, we take responsibility for our fate and focus on efficiency—when we invest in something we want to get something in return. The law of cause and effect teaches us that when someone works hard that person will get riches in return.

Therefore, when investing time and energy in religion, one wants assurance that it will bring advantages and pay “interest.” Thus the questions:  “What is the advantage of believing in God and religion?” “Why would one need religion today?” and “What’s in it for me?”

In the physical world, our bodies live on oxygen, water, food, sleep, sun, movement, and social interaction, the same as almost every living creature on this planet. If we deducted one or more of these elements, our chances of survival on this planet would be highly diminished. However, compared to all other living creatures, humans are different not only by their erect posture and their opposable thumbs, but by their spirit. Animals have feelings and memories, but how about complex thoughts, creativity, fantasies and beliefs? We will never know for sure, as animals have not found a way to express these feelings and abilities. Evidence suggests, therefore, that humans are the only living creatures endowed with such an advanced spirit.

So the question remains, does the spirit that we are all equipped with have something to do with something bigger…an overarching something…a universal super-spirit…a God…in today’s modern world?

As we read in the Bible, God is spirit as well. And when we read further it tells us that God created us according to “his own image.” To me, this means we are spirits or souls—a piece of something bigger. In the Genesis chapter of the Bible, we read that our spirits disobeyed God’s commands, and therefore God gave us free will and sent us away to find our way back on our own if we wish to do so. God endowed us with everything we need to survive on planet Earth: our bodies, oxygen, water, food etc. In this physical world, we can search our hearts and souls and do good deeds, which allow us to find our way back to God voluntarily. Meaning our true essence is our soul and our spirit that will one day return to God if we wish. God is eternal, and our true essence, our soul, is equally eternal.

In case you do not agree with the Bible, what you will need to agree to is that we came to this physical world with nothing and go with nothing. No one who has ever been on this earth was ever able to take anything with him/her. We only take our own spirits after we die.

God urges us through the Bible and scriptures to do good deeds to nurture our souls and focus less on the material things on this planet. All material things will perish one day, while our spirits will last forever. Therefore, God wants us to seek and collect eternal riches like love, peace, righteousness, and joy to lift our souls for our eternal lives. 

If, however, we see God only as a vending machine and pray to him to get more material things, we will not be heard. God has no interest in earthly things; however, God will endow us with whatever we need to get strong and live our lives to the fullest. The true benefit in believing in God lies outside the material world; we can trust that if we do good deeds and nurture our souls in a positive way, God will guide us and be with us. If the Almighty God is with you, who can be against you?

Although we think we know so much, we actually know very little. Recently, I heard that a new organ was discovered in the human body, and scientists are wondering what its function is, exactly. We do not know our own bodies after so many years and research! We do not know all species on earth, as new ones are discovered here and there. We are unable to assure that all humans live in peace, and we are unable to stop humankind destroying and polluting our planet.

With all our power, we cannot fully understand and control earthquakes, storms, and planets moving. If we believe in God and pray to him, we can trust that whatever happens will be for our good or will be turned into our good. What more can one wish for? In what other things can you better invest your time?