What is the purpose in life - why are we here? Was it all just evolutionary coincidence or is there more, much more than we know? Religion makes us believe in this 'more'. I grew up in a Christian family, but I didn't care much about religion until one day my mother got sick with cancer and died a few years ago. Questions regarding purpose, truth, and what happens after we leave this earth awakened within me, and I began to search. In the meantime I find the topic of religion highly fascinating - to find answers to these questions for myselve - to get closer to the truth. I am a seeker of this truth and created this page to write about my thought journey.

About the title of this page:

  • Love is the most important and most beautiful thing that pleases us humans and our soul, as well as John writes "God is love"
  • Pray shows our hope and is the connection to love - to God
  • Rise - resurrection to eternal life, a hope and gift and potentially every Christian's goal after this life

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The Bible is the basis of the Christian faith and thus of this page as well. My mother was highly fascinated by the Italian mystic Maria Valtorta. Maria had the grace to have the gospels revealed to her through personal visions. She saw the life of Jesus from birth to death and took very detailed notes about what she saw. Her books were translated into many languages. On this website, I will give an overview of her teachings, refer to her writings, and comment on some of the topics and stories that she witnessed.

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I wish LOVE for yourself and those close to you. I PRAY that the words on this homepage touch your heart and support your growth and I hope that we both eventually RISE to the promised eternal life.

Take care and enjoy,