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About God
Is God just a fairy tale so that we are behaving well?

As children we hear from the parents “If you are good then Santa Claus / Christ child / the Easter bunny will bring you gifts”. When we get older, we notice that our parents are actually giving us the gifts. They demanded us to be “good” using those fairy tales to make us submissive to their will. How obvious is thus the idea, that God was an invention of Moses or some influential people? more
About God
The Good Shepherd

Jesus was poor when he was on earth. He was born in a stable, had simple clothes, and spent his time with those who were sick, poor, and expelled from society. Those who long for status and the riches of this world don’t understand how somebody claiming to be God would not want to surround himself with riches, gold, diamonds, and powerful people. more
About God
Do humans still need God and religion today?

With scientific advancements, we humans sometimes have the feeling that we already know everything. We can breed and mix our favourite fruits to create new types, we can look and travel into the universe, we can manipulate genes, create clones, and so on. We feel so much more advanced than those humans who thousands of years ago lived in caves and longed for a god or creator who, according to them, commanded the weather and all their fortunes or misfortunes. more