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Love is first

Love is the first word in the name of this homepage. Love comes first because it is most important: John teaches us this “God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.” more
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Is Jesus Christ God?

Jesus performed countless miracles to show that God is with him and that he is in God – that thus, that he is God. As God is almighty, he can do everything, be it heal the sick or bring the dead to life. Who could do this before him and who after him? more
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Is God a male and what roles do females play?

Feminine is the origin of all human life on earth. Every man (except Adam) who ever came to this earth, as well as every woman (except Eve), was once born by a woman. Women make up half of the world’s population and live longer on average. Since feminine energy is indispensable, why is God so masculine more
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For all persecuted Christians

I recently saw some articles in the newspaper that shocked me. In Egypt, a bus with Christian pilgrims was attacked, and several Christians were killed. Further a Pakistan woman got sentenced to death for drinking of a mug on a hot day and defending Jesus in a dispute. more
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Is God just a fairy tale so that we are behaving well?

As children we hear from the parents “If you are good then Santa Claus / Christ child / the Easter bunny will bring you gifts”. When we get older, we notice that our parents are actually giving us the gifts. They demanded us to be “good” using those fairy tales to make us submissive to their will. How obvious is thus the idea, that God was an invention of Moses or some influential people? more