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About God, Rise
About time

When the year begins it seems like a lot of days ahead of us. However, too often we suddenly realize that the year is almost over and we are wondering where the days went. We need to realize that we have no time – nobody has time. more
About God, Rise

Did you know that forgiveness can release inner blockages? A study with 20 participants found that forgiving activates a tripple amount of called alpha waves in our brain. This allows creativity and performance blocks to be resolved. more
About God, Love
Love is first

Love is the first word in the name of this homepage. Love comes first because it is most important: John teaches us this “God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.” more
About God, Pray
Is Jesus Christ God?

Jesus performed countless miracles to show that God is with him and that he is in God – that thus, that he is God. As God is almighty, he can do everything, be it heal the sick or bring the dead to life. Who could do this before him and who after him? more