I think most have already heard about the “gender” debate, meaning that not all humans on earth feel comfortable being pressed into the rigid binary classification of male and female. Especially those that were born as hermaphrodites, thus not with typical male or female physical sexual organs, may feel especially appalled by being forced to choose. I think Germany made a good decision by introducing a third “diverse” group to give room for those individuals. 

On the other hand, I recently read that Facebook has a list of more than 70 genders to choose from. When I heard that, I was thinking why only 70? Why not 100? Of course I am joking but in every joke there is a grain of truth. Let’s face it, if we mistake the biological gender with a feeling, one can feel at least 100 degrees of female or male. I was born a female, but sometimes I feel a bit less female than 100%. Thinking about it, I am not sure if I ever felt 100% female, at least I do not tick some of the boxes one would associate with a “typical” female – whatever that means. However, I never went as princess during carnival, I do not like high heels and I do not color my nails regularly.

At the same time, I find it tiring to have to choose out of 70 or more gender options. I even find it tiring to think about something so basic for too long. I can barely imagine how confusing this must be for teenagers when being confronted with such a long list.

Let’s stop the confusion

In my view it is very simple. Genders should not matter at all. It is about the personality, character and spirit someone has. The physical condition or gender feelings should not impact what we think about someone and it should not be our focus of our identify either. Ideally we should abolish the gender identifier altogether. However, I realize that for historical reasons and ensuring gender equality etc. it might be valuable to have it. 

Like Ying and Yang – biologically there are two genders. Those two coming together is how humans reproduce, like many animal or plant species. Feelings however are endless, anyone can feel various strengths of those two poles and feelings change over time. I hope that teenagers that based on a feeling think about a gender operation, give it a few years before actually going forward with it and potentially make irreparable mistakes.

Despite biological facts, we need to accept that a number of people do not want to be classified binary. Either because they feel in-between, have not made up their mind yet, want to show support for those who do not want to identify as binary, do want to be special, do not care or are totally confused, which warrants for this third “diverse” group. I would not even call it a third gender, as if someone in this third group feels 50% female and 50% male, they are still a mix of the two genders male and female. Still, everyone should have the right to opt out of the binary option. As said, everyone is valuable and worthy before God our creator no matter how they identify.

What really matters

I think the Bible makes it very clear that God cherishes every human. The main purpose of sexual organs is reproduction. During our short time on earth, we humans should focus on developing our spirit to find the pathway to God and thus paradise. In short – gender does not matter – what matters is our spirit. Let’s focus more on developing that and less on what we tick when filling a form. 

Do you have a different view? Please let me know in the chat, happy to discuss. 

Here a graph of my simple Percentage gender view: