About 80 years ago, my grandfather took his daily walk through his hometown. Reportedly, a lady in the neighborhood closed the window blinds while the sun was still out. My grandfather asked her why she was doing that, and the lady responded in complete astonishment, “Well, don’t you know? Today the world will end!” My grandfather shook his head, smiled, waved and walked on, just as relaxed as he did before. Many years later, he died at age 86 after a long and happy life.  

Apocalypse theories have been around for a long time. Luckily, the earth is still turning and the sun is still shining. Still, we somehow feel that our existence is fragile. Also, the Bible and Jesus talk about the end of the world.

What does the Bible tell us about the apocalypse?

The Bible includes multiple prophecies. The one about the end of the world as we know it is written in the book of Revelation. As according to God’s own words, it is not allowed to add anything to that prophecy or take anything away. I can only highly recommend reading it. It took me a few times to understand it to the extent that I am confident to think that I know what is going to happen.

I can also recommend the book by Joel Richardson: “The Islamic Antichrist” that compares the prophecy in the Bible to prophecies in the Koran and finds eye-opening parallels. This gives the book of revelation also a much deeper meaning and helps to further understand it. He concludes that the biblical Antichrist is the Mahdi in the Koran and that the Osmanic empire will be resurrected. The Muslim religion will be spread all over the world. Many Christians will be persecuted and killed. Every Christian should be ready to be a martyr, as only through strong faith, our soul will eventually be saved. 

Contemporary prophecies

In Trevignano (north of Rome) a woman called Gisella Cardia claims to receive messages from Holy Mary and Jesus. In spring 2023 Italian media started a negative campaign against her attacking her to only focus on money and ridiculing the messages she receives.

I observe Gisella since a while now, and I think the messages are of relevance to our current world and the environment we live in. She also received some information of events before they occurred e.g. she got warned about an infectious illness coming from China in September 2019, so just before COVID19 became known a few months afterwards. She received messages that spoke about a war erupting between the West as well as Russia and China just before Russia invaded the Ukraine in 2022. End of September 2023 the messages she received spoke about strong events that will happen from October 2023 onwards and that they will accelerate thereafter. A few days afterwards, the whole world was shocked by the events that unfolded in Israel.

Here a few messages that Gisella received and that did not yet materialize, but who knows – better be prepared:

  • The world as we know it will cease to exist. Everything that is written in the prophecies you will see with your own eyes
  • The economy will fail, there will be war and there will be a hunger crisis coming soon. Make sure to store food in your home and have emergency supply ready with food stock, water and medicines – not only for yourself but also for your brothers and sisters.
  • Do not be afraid, as fear does not come from God. Be the light for your brothers and sisters. Suffering that is sacrificed in faith, brings blessings
  • Return to God your savior, confess all your sins now and often and stick to the original teaching of the church. To be ready at any time, confess your sins weekly
  • Be strong and multiply your faith – as only through that you can persevere
  • Prayer helps to soften events, thus, pray, fast and carry your cross. Prayer also leads to peace and serenity in your heart
  • Pray for the south of Italy, as Rome will be destroyed
  • Pray for America as it listens to diabolic plans and will be scrunched
  • Pray for Russia, China and America, as they will be the source of disruption in the world
  • The war in Ukraine will reach Europe and especially Rome because of global leaders that do only think of their power and worldly things. It will bring many deaths and those alive will not be sufficient to bury the dead. Pray for a leader that will be assassinated. Pray for the Italian government because there is a warmonger as well as for France. Please pray for Japan and China until they can be relieved of the suffering they cause. This war will open the door to the antichrist, do you not understand that things are accelerating. Don’t you see that nothing is as it was before
  • China will pay for its wrongdoing
  • With time the Christian faith will not be practiced anymore and you will be forced to hide – be prepared also for this. Read the gospel as soon as you need to do it hidden. Communism advances fast. All that is coming is a punishment for the misbelief, blasphemy and profanity. Confess and take the eucharist.
  • Pray for the church and especially the priests, bishops and cardinals so that they lay down their pride and start to proclaim the work of God. Many priests chose the way of lies and brought darkness over the believers. Remember that everyone needs to stand accountable before God. Stop being involved in politics and like Peter, start to be fishers of souls.
  • Pray for the place where Jesus was born, as there will be a guerilla war.
  • There will be guerilla wars all over the world and that will be the time when the Antichrist appears publicly. He is working already in secret and will present himself as a person of peace. He is someone very close to the church and will negotiate peace during the war. Do not get lured by his friendly manner and do not look into his eyes. 
  • There will be a unification of religions and the persecution of Christians will be huge
  • Another deadly Virus will come soon 
  • There will be natural catastrophes, including ongoing earthquakes. Be attentive for the water as there will be floods. Look at the sky as there you will see the signs of the time. Pray as there will be a drought coming.
  • Have hope that everything will be renewed and that there will be a new world of love and peace, however first, you need to go past hardship and persecution.
  • Forgive each other and you will be ready when the time comes
  • Do not isolate yourself and stay in unity and companionship with your brothers and sisters in faith
  • Those will be blessed that follow the path of the gospel, respect the 10 commandments are unafraid and strengthen their faith
  • Look with joy into the future as after the purification of the earth there will be only love, peace and serenity. 
  • Come here to this sacred place (Trevignano Romano) that I will protect with my angels. This can be your hideaway.
  • Instead of praying and trusting in the Lord, some people search for a hideaway – I tell you there is no place that could protect you from the judgment of God. Pray to God as that is the most secure hideaway there is – have trust in God and think of saving your soul. Listen with love and walk on the path that I indicate in your heart.
  • Humanity has not understood that this is a spiritual war between good and bad, church and anti-church, christ and antichrist, eternal life and eternal perdition. Humans do mix-up the good for the bad and the bad for the good as well as do not react and do not want to wake-up from demonic numbness – remember that soon you will stand before the judgment of the Lord. Jesus and his apostle did not stay in silence – follow their example. All of this comes due to the perverted humanity.
  • This world lives worse than Sodom and Gomorrah and now what do you expect? The time of mercy is over and the time of judgment starts. My priests have befouled and used my holy name to fluctuate misconception and blasphemy
  • Beloved children, Jesus is preparing your souls be more spiritual, otherwise, you will be only corpses that mechanically do the same things every day, never dealing with the spirit, which is the most important thing at this moment.
  • Pray for peace, first of all for inner peace, and do not lose yourself in temporary things. Take care of your soul.
  • The times that we go towards will be worse and there will be a lot of suffering, however, do not be afraid about the time that is finishing – remain joyful for the magnificent world that awaits you. Those that open the heart to my father do not need to fear. The new Jerusalem will come soon.
  • Fight like a real warrior in the first line for the faith with the rosary in your hand. Talk about God. Pray for peace, pray for those that die in this war as many will reach paradise soon. Pray, pray, pray a lot!
  • Remember that prayer is the only medicine for your soul and for your body. Open your heart for grace – as only through that you can reach peace in your heart – no matter how dark the times are. Do not be afraid and take my hands. I will bring you to my son Jesus. The persecution will be great. Thus, stay in faith also when everything seems lost. Trust in God – he is very close to you all day – until the very end.
  • Do not laugh about the prophecies – take them up as they serve you to stay alert and show what could happen. Pray to prevent or mitigate it. But what is written will come – do not forget the prophecies. God will clean this earth from the enemies and the fetidness and will pick the best fruits.
  • Change your life, search for heavenly things, be of service to the weakest, stay humble and abandon your pride and arrogance and stay ready as Jesus can be seen by believers and non-believers and those that are faithful will receive many gifts. Read those messages meditating and praying and I will respond in your heart.
  • Humanity has not yet understood why I come – I want to save humanity and tell you: stop to raise curiosity in reading my messages – live them! I see my children get lost and I want to show you the way. I am like a loving mother that wants to let you see the light in the middle of the darkness. With your prayer and faith you can prevent the third world war.
  • To comfort you, I tell you that after the ruins and wreckage, you will see a new Jerusalem similar to paradise. The world will be born newly and will kneel down before the lord. There will be a global conversion, including in China and there will be many years of peace and harmony and lots of love among your brothers and sisters. Do not be afraid – the purification is needed so that everything can awaken newly. God is always with you and loves you. Let worldly things pass and have faith. Everything is realized as I project it – thus, do not be afraid.

What I conclude from these prophecies and still having my grandfather in mind is the following: stay calm and faithful in God and be cautious, E.g., I bought and prepared emergency supplies, including food that last very long (e.g., nrg-5 and bp-er emergency food boxes last for about 20 years). I also have blankets, a battery radio and other emergency supplies ready. So in the worst-case scenario, that I do not hope happens, I am still prepared. If the worst case comes and I am not prepared, although I knew this, I would be pretty annoyed with myself. So now, as you know as well, I can highly recommend taking precautions, especially as there are current events happening in the world that are a bit worrying… and of course, pray, search God, spread the word about God and seek to become a better person and Christian.

Jesus tells us to stay alert and ready, as the end of the world as we know it can happen every moment. We do not know when. It can be today, tomorrow, in a year, 10 years, 100 years, 1000 years? I guess it is better for us humans not to know the full details. However ensure that we are living a God-aligned life anyway.