I have several university degrees, the professional rank of a director, equality is very important to me and I take care of it in my job and in my private life, I am with several women's organizations and help other women wherever I can - in short, I would consider myself as a feminist. At the same time, I notice that other feminists think very differently than I do, especially when it comes to abortion. They see in female rights an integrated right of a women to fully control her body and thus everything that grows in her. Well, in my opinion every woman can decide how much she shaves, what her hair color is, what clothes she wears etc. but when it comes to a human life that grows in her, it is something completely different in my eyes and cannot be compared with the rest of the body.

As we all know, the body of a woman differs from that of a man in one crucial point - the genital organs. The woman has all the physical abilities to let a person grow up and give birth to it.

As we learned in school, sex has only one purpose in nature: reproduction. In contrast to animals, which usually know certain mating times in the year, humans are capable to mate throughout the full year and are often also willing to do so. As we know, sex for some people has always been more than just reproduction. If these encounters produce an undesirable result, abortion is a logical consequence for some women. The top reasons for abortions are the following: not ready for a child / wrong time, lack of financial resources, health problems etc.

What I would like to highlight here: with the exception of pregnancy through rape, which is given in all statistics with less than 0.5% of the cases, and likely severe disability of the child, which accounts for about 3% of the cases, 96.5% of the reasons for abortion are known before a pregnancy. It seems, have partners have surrendered to their lust deficiently protected or even completely unprotected.

I call this behavior irresponsible and in my eyes it has nothing to do with the "freedom of women" when a woman kills her own child. As a woman you are naturally endowed with the capability to give birth and you are reminded of it every month by the period. There are ways to control the cycle and there are so many ways to avoid unwanted pregnancy these days. All women should take this responsibility and take care of themselves. Even if an unborn child is still a small spark, it is a human being. Yes, it grows up in the female body - but it was not only created by the woman, but in connection with a man - and it is an independent human in a growth process - just as we are. Children are not owned by their mother and father, just as we do not owned to our parents. We are independent human beings. In my eyes, if a new human is growing in a woman's body, it is no longer the woman who can decide in these cases - since this is no longer "her body", but the body of another person.

To the initial question - does feminism and pro-life go together? I think so. I think it also has to do with equality that women take care of themselves and demand that they are loved despite they decide for example to not have have sex because the cycle is inappropriate or insists on contraception. This testifies to responsibility, self-confidence and protection of life, which should ultimately be in the interest of everyone involved.