I watched a soccer game today. The ball went back and forth, the players ran - in the second half the first team scored a goal. The opponents were 0 to 1 behind. The ball kept going back and forth, the players were running - the 90 minutes were up - but they were lucky and got 6 minutes extra-time and suddenly you noticed that the team that was behind got in a big hurry. They had had 90 minutes to score, but they were in the biggest hurry in the 6 minutes of added time. Wasn't every single minute before just as important - why hadn't they been in a hurry then? Why did they not give their utmost - as much as during the extra-time?

I think this shows a bit how we human beings are and how we deal with everything, including our lives. If we are young, we tend to say to ourselves, or get told - "we still have time". When the year begins it seems like a lot of days ahead of us - but too often we suddenly realize that the year is almost over and we are wondering where the days went. We need to realize that we have no time - nobody has time - time is an invention of the human species. We just have the here and now and nothing else. Life can be over so quickly - there is no guarantee and in the end we cannot take anything - absolutely nothing with us. Only the experiences count - the positive memories we leave in the hearts of our loved ones. So use that here and now! Be good, love your next one and leave positive memories and traces, pray for you and your loved ones and love mankind - all of it - so that you rise-up to eternal life as soon as your here and now ends.