As children we hear from the parents "If you are good then the Santa Claus / Christ child / the Easter bunny will bring you gifts". When we get older, we notice that our parents are actually giving us the gifts and that they demanded us to be "good" using those fairy tails to make us submissive to their will. 

How obvious is thus the idea, that God was an invention of Moses or some influential people and is continually used to make us all compliant and good, to subordinate our will to theirs, control the animal instinct which sleeps in all of us us and to keep us weak and mundane. A fairy tale of a God can serve the purpose that we intrinsically want to be good, put up with everything including our other cheek instead of striking back. Help the poor, save, do not complain and therefore help the rich getting richer, the powerful and big to enjoy life to the fullest at our expense. 

The lie "Santa is watching your every move" as well as "God is seeing everything" do sound highly familiar...

However, the hope and prospect within us is tempting that our lives have meaning and are not just a whim of nature. We also wish that after life everything does not go to ashes or our body decays, but that we continue to live - forever. Our heart, our soul demands love and truth. Jesus and thus God promises us all of this - is it too good to be true?

If we don't believe in God, even stand against everything God wants from us - what advantage can we get? What do we reap from being greedy, stingy and vicious? Short-term successes, the comforts of life - yes, but everyone in us has a conscience, an inner compass and even if we don't believe in fairy tales, we feel that if we harm someone, something stirs within us.

Yes, God wants us to be good and do good. Not for himself and for the powerful, but for ourselves, so that we can grow internally - not through external earthly amenities to which evil leads, but to inner joy that is the only thing that matters. Believing in God does not mean that one has to be poor, however even the poor can be happy - very happy indeed. Our body doesn't know if we are rich. Our body lives in the here and now. A rich man's body may eat better and sleep in higher quality linen, but in the end it has to eat and sleep, and it stays there 24 hours a day. Someone can also sleep very well on a simple couch. Our physical body comes into this world with nothing but itself and cannot take anything with it. All our greed and malice lead to the fact that we accumulate and thereby bring even more strife and inequality to our heirs.

If God is a fairy tale, which I don't believe, it is one of those that wants to do us good, that make us wise, and that strengthen us. What disadvantage do we have if we are good? We may enrich ourselves less, but we feel better. Obedience, generosity, love, humility and good will let us spiritually rise to new heights.

Through his life and miracles, Jesus showed that God is with him, showed that God exists and is not a fairy tale but the truth, love and alife. Jesus made himself palpable for all of us. He also taught us that a small part of God is in all of us in the form of our soul that is meant for eternity, but can die if we move too far away of God which is god. We all feel the truth deep within us with our inner compass. Meditate, let the seeds of these thoughts grow in you and decide for yourself.