Christian churches are getting emptier and more “gray-headed”. Christianity seems to be old-fashioned. However, does God need to keep up with fashion or adapt to the times? Christianity is 2000 years old, and the God that Christianity worships is eternal—meaning he was there before time.

I personally find the topic of religion highly fascinating. I grew up in a Christian family, but I did not care much about religion until my mother got sick with cancer and died three years ago. Questions regarding purpose, truth, and what happens after we leave this earth awakened within me, and I began to search. I am still a seeker, and I write here about my journey.

My mother was highly fascinated by the Italian mystic Maria Valtorta. Maria had the grace to have the gospels revealed to her through personal visions. She saw the life of Jesus from birth to death and took very detailed notes about what she saw. Her books were translated into many languages. On this website, I will give an overview of her teachings, refer to her writings, and comment on some of the topics and stories that she witnessed.

I wish LOVE for yourself and those close to you. I PRAY that the words on this homepage touch your heart and support your growth and I hope that we both eventually RISE to the promised eternal life.

Take care and enjoy,